FO S02E02: An Interview with Ben Watkins of the Real Atheology Podcast

On this episode of Fermenting Opinions we are pleased to introduce Benjamin Watkins who is a philosopher and co-host of the Real Atheology Podcast.  We discuss Ben’s interest, as an Atheist, in the philosophy of religion as well as his approach to the bigger questions in life.  From the we move on to discuss his political engagement following the 2016 presidential election as well as the coining of the #MakeFactsMatterAgain hashtag and his endorsement of the Pro-Truth Pledge.

This of course leads us into a discussion of the apparent moral abdication of Trump supporting Christians, particularly evangelicals, in America as well as a discussion of the efficacy of calling out what seems like obvious hypocrisy and what better approaches might be more useful to the aggrieved anti-Trump  voter.

Finally, Ben critiques the argument of our last podcast guest, Johanan Raatz, on the subject of quantum non-realism with regards to the soundness of the position and alternative theories that have been posited as an attempt to explain some very strange phenomena within quantum physics.

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